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What's on tap

Inside the taproom you'll find several flagship beers that will always be available, along with rotator and seasonal beers that may only be brewed once.  One thing is for sure, though -- with 10 beers on tap, We've got something for everyone.

Irish Red

Voted "Best flagship beer in Tucson" in 2017, this traditional irish red ale is well balanced with malty caramel undertones


abv 5.7% // IBU 25

Hibiscus Blonde

a traditional blonde with a twist -- we added hibiscus tea leaves and blue agave nectar to create a beer that's perfect for those hot tucson days.


Abv 5.5% // IBU 24

Imperial Brown

a generous amount of roasted barley and other specialty malts give this english brown ale a rich, complex flavor with hints of biscout, chocolate, and molasses.  


Abv 7.2% // IBU 37

Detonator IPA

this well balanced, slighlty malt-sweet east coast ipa is moderately hopped with simcoe, sterling, and zythos.  finishes smooth and goes down easy. 


Abv 6.8% // IBU 75

Dead Canary DIPA
a northwest double ipa that lives up to its name.  This beer is generously hopped with multiple Yakima Valley hops which impart earthy, citrus, and spicey notes. 

Abv 8.5% // IBU 95

Scottish Ale​

Malty-sweet, fruit esters,notes of caramel, and an unobtrusive hop profile round out this Export Scottish Ale.  Low diacetyl levels gives this beer a smooth finish that’ll keep you coming back for more.


Abv 5.2% // IBU 25

Copper Bock

Our take on a traditional dopplebock, this beer is rich and malty with some chocolate and toasty notes.


Abv 7.6% // IBU 26


Our take on this Munich-style DUnkel.  munich malt shines through in this beer, with notes of caramel.  German hops provide just the right amount of bittering and flavor.


Alc. 5.8% // IBU 31

Cranberry Gose

This traditional german style beer has started making its recent comeback.  with its unique flavor profile of spicy coriander and salt, we added cranberries in both the boil and post fermentation to this sour beer to create a refreshing twist on the traditional gose.


Abv  5.8% // IBU 25

Nitro Pale

a Flavorful and full bodied pale hopped with zythos and glacier.  the beer, carbonated and poured on nitro instead of co2, creates a unique smoothness that just can't be achieved with traditional co2. 


Abv 6.0% // IBu 46

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